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Online Threat: Downloading Unsafe Files

Seems pretty obvious, but it clearly happens all the time.   One step you can take is to be very very careful of the pop windows and dialog boxes asking for confirmation to install software.

So apply a little common sense. If you are not installing anything, don’t say yes to prompts like this:

UAC Prompt

And like you see in the prompt above, this is from Microsoft. So beware of publishers you don’t recognize too.

And only download software from sites that are trusted and have an https URL. More on that later.

If you’re not sure where to find legitimate software, look it up at CNET’s Home Page

Beware of other sites. CNET actually owns the domain but there are sites that spoof them, as anyone can a subdomain called “download”. For example, look out for something like

Once you are on, you can search for the software in question. CNET does a good job of scanning for viruses and spyware.

And we also recommend that you look at the reviews. Of course, understand that one person saying it doesn’t work is not a sign that the software is bad. There are a number of reasons why software installs fail. But if a significant number of people complain about the software, you can pretty much know to be careful about installing it.

For reference, here’s the listing for Google Chrome: Google Chrome

25 million downloads (just from CNET alone) is a pretty good indication that the software is popular. 5 stars from the Editors is also a great sign. Plus 3100 votes averaging nearly 4 stars is also a good sign.   And it’s no surprise that Chrome has an Editor’s Review.

Finally, while some download pages instruct you to Run or Open the download file, as much as possible Save the file to your computer. Then scan it. If you want to be careful, update your antimalware software, before scanning it. Arguably, if you really want to be cautious, wait a day or two for your antimalware software developer to push the latest malware definitions to their updates…and then scan it.

At any rate, we hope these tips keep you safe!

#OnlineThreats is an ongoing series of social media posts with the aim of informing everyone using the internet about common dangers. The net is a wonderful place and many threats can be avoided with just a few precautions. Think of it as going into a city. There are cool sights, fun things to do, and great places to eat. But if you’re not careful, you can get into serious trouble. Still, that doesn’t stop you from going there. Otherwise, the bad guys will have won. Same with the internet!

Over time, you’ll be able to check on the entire list of online threats by going to our blog and clicking on the category, Computing Security. You can always find a shortcut here:


atomic-accounting: Custom Software That Saves You a Lot of Money

We are proud to present:  atomic-accounting

atomic-accounting-Logo-eCardOur team has over 50 years collective experience with accounting and software systems. And we’ve seen one thing happen quite consistently: Businesses worldwide spending countless employee-hours working around the shortcomings of their accounting systems.  If your business is anything like most, you’re paying employees to spend at least 50 man-hours a year copying data from your accounting system into spreadsheets to create the reports you need to keep track of your business.  And your actual number is probably around 100 man-hours or more.  That’s a lot of money leaking out of your accounting system.

When you look at it that way, spending a couple of hundred bucks on that popular software package at the warehouse store isn’t much of a savings.

Keeping this in mind, we at Banshee Cloud have come up with an innovative way to provide your business with a custom accounting system that yields a much lower total cost of ownership.  You see, we’ve seen how complicated modern accounting software has become and realized that we can build a new system based upon going back to the basics.  So by breaking electronic bookkeeping into its core components, it then becomes simple to develop a truly modular system.  A system that can be developed quickly and inexpensively.  And be quite fast and powerful.

Just as all matter can be broken down into atoms, we break financial record keeping into the basic transactions of debits and credits in balanced accounts.   And just as atoms make up some very complex molecules, we can build our system into whatever records, calculations, and reports your business and the government requires.  Because a sound double entry system requires balance.  Which seems to be something many of the most popular accounting packages have lost sight of.

And since we are experts in utilizing the most powerful and secure computing systems available, your data is automatically backed up and protected.  Like all of our data storage systems, it’s fully compliant with the most stringent certifications.  Plus guarded by a full-time security staff larger than what most regional banks employ.  It has always been important to us to make sure your data is accessible even during large-scale disasters, plus we also know from experience that many businesses have had suffered from a complete loss of accounting data.  So we’ve built atomic-accounting to the same standards as all our other data storage.

If your employees are spending just a few minutes every day copying accounting data into spreadsheets, we can show you how your business can save with a custom atomic-accounting system.  We urge you to learn more at or contact us today for a Free Consultation.

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