Top Online Security Threats

We’re fed up. We see so many people lose valuable time and money to breaches in computer security. People get their Facebook accounts broken into. Email gets spoofed. Passwords get stolen. At Banshee Cloud, wwhy-charactere’ve had to clean up servers and rebuild computers because people clicked on links and videos. Or because people were using passwords that were easy to guess.

So we developed a way to bring enterprise-grade computer protection to everyone…not just businesses. But even beyond that, we want to share what we’ve learned from our research and experience protecting computers. So we’ll be posting some of the threats we have seen over social media.

Over time, you’ll be able to check on the entire list by going to our blog and clicking on the category, Computing Security. You can always find a shortcut here:

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GET OVER THE TECHNOLOGY! YOU are more important!


This sounds odd coming from a tech company, but we think the latest computing tools should be used to move beyond whether this technology is better or that technology is cool. We use tech to bring the focus back to YOU. How you work. What you want to do. Who you are.

“YOU are More Important!


atomic-accounting: Custom Software That Saves You a Lot of Money

We are proud to present:  atomic-accounting

atomic-accounting-Logo-eCardOur team has over 50 years collective experience with accounting and software systems. And we’ve seen one thing happen quite consistently: Businesses worldwide spending countless employee-hours working around the shortcomings of their accounting systems.  If your business is anything like most, you’re paying employees to spend at least 50 man-hours a year copying data from your accounting system into spreadsheets to create the reports you need to keep track of your business.  And your actual number is probably around 100 man-hours or more.  That’s a lot of money leaking out of your accounting system.

When you look at it that way, spending a couple of hundred bucks on that popular software package at the warehouse store isn’t much of a savings.

Keeping this in mind, we at Banshee Cloud have come up with an innovative way to provide your business with a custom accounting system that yields a much lower total cost of ownership.  You see, we’ve seen how complicated modern accounting software has become and realized that we can build a new system based upon going back to the basics.  So by breaking electronic bookkeeping into its core components, it then becomes simple to develop a truly modular system.  A system that can be developed quickly and inexpensively.  And be quite fast and powerful.

Just as all matter can be broken down into atoms, we break financial record keeping into the basic transactions of debits and credits in balanced accounts.   And just as atoms make up some very complex molecules, we can build our system into whatever records, calculations, and reports your business and the government requires.  Because a sound double entry system requires balance.  Which seems to be something many of the most popular accounting packages have lost sight of.

And since we are experts in utilizing the most powerful and secure computing systems available, your data is automatically backed up and protected.  Like all of our data storage systems, it’s fully compliant with the most stringent certifications.  Plus guarded by a full-time security staff larger than what most regional banks employ.  It has always been important to us to make sure your data is accessible even during large-scale disasters, plus we also know from experience that many businesses have had suffered from a complete loss of accounting data.  So we’ve built atomic-accounting to the same standards as all our other data storage.

If your employees are spending just a few minutes every day copying accounting data into spreadsheets, we can show you how your business can save with a custom atomic-accounting system.  We urge you to learn more at or contact us today for a Free Consultation.

Updates to banSHIELD!

banSHIELD-Store-LogoWe have updated our banSHIELD suite of security products to incorporate improved protection and a broader response to threats to your computers.   The pricing has been adjusted accordingly to reflect the additional measures now included.

However, we also want to keep this vital product within the reach of as many people as possible.   With this in mind, we are offering $15.00 off ANY banSHIELD product.   Expiration date of offer is subject to the cost of threat responses deemed necessary to keep your computer protected.  This offer is currently valid through March 31, 2015. Limit one coupon per customer please.

Just enter COUPON CODE: bff35a when you check out in our store!

Please visit for more information!


Cybersecurity. It’s Not Just the President’s Concern. It’s Something EVERYONE Online Should Address

Today, President Barack Obama addressed the nation from the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University. Notably, several prominent tech CEOs were not in attendance. And perhaps the Executive Order Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing does raise some personal privacy issues. So understandably, debate has only just begun on this event.

But is this all just political? Statistics certainly support an increase in widespread breaches and vast amounts of personal and financial data from major corporations. A good majority of the American and indeed the world population have already been affected. And that’s just the headlines.

As with all other types of crimes, there are countless incidents that occur each and every day. Many of them are right in your town, your neighborhood…and yes, your home. Of this, our company can attest. We maintain networks and we work with software. And in both areas, we find ourselves appalled at the prevalence of attacks on the computers and systems that we deal with on a daily basis.

It has been a given fact for some time now that Wall Street and the world’s major organizations have all experienced some form of cybersecurity compromise. And that would be quite constantly.

But what about Main Street? All the local businesses and all the households in our country and throughout the world are just as beleaguered.

We truly find the situation outright ludicrous. If every business and every home that you pass by daily were to be the target of burglary, people would be outraged. Even the most impoverished neighborhoods do not have to deal with a constant barrage of criminals trying to break in. Such a scenario plays right out of a post-apocalyptic zombie movie.

Family in Front of HouseAnd yet our online lives are indeed embattled to that outrageous degree. Every business, every home, every one of us. We are all subjected to a literally unending stream of attacks upon our computing devices.

Attacks on the nation’s infrastructure and corporate databases grab headlines. But every minute and every hour of every day, millions worldwide are silent and often unknowing victims. We call them “The Hackers” in an attempt to categorize and make sense of this threat. There are state-sponsored programs out to cripple our military. There are organized criminals literally ganging up to obtain credit cards and other lucrative items. And yes there really are individuals trying to get into your system just because they can.

But they are there. And they go after all of us, without exception. Move over, zombies. You’re virtually nothing compared to the swarm at the gate. Or as we say in the business, gateway.


Introducing banSHIELD: data protection. malware elimination.

banSHIELD-Facebook-Wall-PhotoWe have been dealing with quite a few malware infections on a wide range of networks and home office computers. And we’ve realized that the situation must be far worse on consumer devices. So in the spirit of our obsession with empowering people, we’ve created an entire suite of security products that apply enterprise-grade malware protection and at consumer-friendly prices. Much as we’ve done with our nABLE custom cloud solutions, we’ve gathered the most effective tools available and combined them with our own unique approach and proprietary systems.

It is with great pleasure and a desire to help as many computer users as possible that we now proudly introduce…banSHIELD. The product line is broken down into two families: banSHIELD Guard focuses on protecting your computer and your data. Coupled with some of the best and proven security products available, we have added the very same backup and data storage strategies that we use to protect networks. While we work to keep your data safe, we can also restore your machine in as little as 15 minutes!

banSHIELD Clean is for those dreaded situations when your computer does get infected. Because computer security is just like home security…no matter how sophisticated the locks and alarms, nothing is impenetrable. And just like with homes, there are lots of times when gates have been left wide open. So we have applied our experience in cleaning up business systems to come up with ways to clean up your devices.

So we genuinely recommend you try our banSHIELD Guard products. And call on banSHIELD Clean when you need help. Because there literally are hordes of hackers out there looking to get into your precious stuff. Stay safe, stay secure, stay clean!

Announcing: Support Team Live Chat!

We’ve got a bunch of great news coming up and the first thing is that we’ve set up a Support Team Live Chat system at !   Now in addition to filling out the support request form there, emailing support, and of course calling us, you can chat with us live to get help at any time.

The Live Chat is also available on many of our product websites, so you can also conveniently reach out to us if you have any product questions.

You’ll find these guys in the image below at the bottom of each of these web pages, on both desktop and mobile.  And if you don’t see them, we are also in the process of adding text and banner links to standalone chat pages.  In fact, if you click on the image, you’ll be taken to a chat page.

We look forward to being able to better assist and empower you!


Happy New Year!

We want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

– The Banshee Cloud Team


Holiday SHOPping Spree Website Development Sale

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. While some shoppers crowd the malls, more and more are going online to purchase their gifts. Retailers of all sizes NOW have the ability to sell on the internet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a national store or one person selling part-time. You can be selling luxury items or inexpensive crafts. We have the means to make sure that your business gets access to the best possible online presence.

We offer a full range of services: from the most affordable eCommerce websites to enterprise online stores. And unlike most of our competitors, we also offer complete and comprehensive internet marketing programs. Not just search engine optimization…but everything from social media management through email campaigns and integration with your complete marketing and advertising programs.

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