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Sale Extended Through the Weekend

By popular demand, we’ve extended the Flash Sale through the WHOLE WEEKEND! (Look!  We even changed the models into weekend clothes.)



Why We Created MyStore NOW


With the current promotion going on, it seems like a good time to discuss exactly why we created the MyStore NOW product.  If you’re not familiar with this little gem, it’s what we see as the best means for ANY business to set up its own online store.  We worked to develop a system that allows us to deploy a full-featured site that can handle as many products as our clients would be selling.  So now, even a one-person, part-time home-based business as well as a regional retailer can quickly and efficiently begin selling online.  Not on an auction site, not as part of site with thousands or even millions of other users…but on their own domain with a store of their own.

And unlike some “free” sites and stores, MyStore NOW is fully customizable and scalable.  Since it’s your own store, you are free to do whatever you want with it, as long as it’s legal.  And we take steps to make sure that we give you the right hosting that will ensure that your site will always be up, no matter how many people visit it.  With our cloud hosting solutions, we can literally prepare for or respond to thousands and if need be, millions of visitors hitting your site simultaneously.

We see this product as a means for businesses and would be entrepreneurs all around the world to be able to open shop on the internet.  We say worldwide, because every hosting solution that we use has global reach and we can thus use servers that are close to your customer base.  If necessary, we can even set up local application and content delivery for every region of the world where you have customers.

For many of you, all these super capabilities would be nice if you grew, but for now the priority is in keeping fixed costs down.  And this is where MyStore NOW truly shines.  Because of its automated, cloud-based deployment, our developers can quickly and economically get your store running in as little as 15 minutes!  Which allows us to pass our low costs to you.

And if you need customization or any other features, we can easily upgrade your site,  its software, and database.  This gives you more capabilities, plus flexibility.  Plus we have the systems, staffing, and resources to develop any web capabilities you will need.   We can promote your business online and even make sure all your products be uploaded quickly and accurately.

We truly are committed to doing whatever we can to make your business establish a complete, powerful, and successful presence online.  And through MyStore NOW, we’ve made these goals attainable for everyone.

Learn more about MyStore NOW at:

Website Flash Sale!

24 Hours Only! 70% Off Our Website Packages

We’re having a 24-hour only FLASH SALE on all our web design packages. Why? Because we want to introduce as many people as possible to our web development packages as we launch our new Online Presence Program. Unlike many web developers, we offer a full suite of services, designed to integrate with your offline marketing programs. And with our new team of online store management specialists, we have the ability to upload and merchandise ALL of your products at a very reasonable price!

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The Online Presence Program: Harnessing the Full Potential of the Internet

Businesswoman Crossing the Finish Line Ahead of BusinessmenRecent communication technologies like the internet and digitization are phenomenal in the present society. Be familiar with it or else you will be out of step, outmoded or outdated. We adhere to a line of a writer that says “finding an outlet for our additional skills can contribute a lot to our personal and professional enhancement” thus using the internet is beneficial in many aspects.

We are already enjoying the benefits of using the internet in our daily activities yet experts do not stop innovating to bring it to a higher level thus we are introducing the Online Presence Program. Through this innovation the use of the internet is not only limited to surfing for information, entertainment, varied medium of communication but with this program we can do more, earn more and enjoy more.

Venture for more excitement as you patronize the Online Presence Program and you will see amazing results. This might be the turning point of your life and business so come on, try!!


See link for further info:


Musings on the Internet

Over the past several days, our team at Banshee Cloud has been working feverishly on a couple of new products that we’ve developed to further our mission to empower people and businesses using dominating technology.  We could probably spend an entire series of blog posts discussing our mission.  And perhaps we should.  Certainly, the new products deserve their own write up as well. But I will hint that we are working on ways to give independent businesses and their owners the means to take their social media promotional programs to the next level, among other things.
Man Looking at Laptop in Desert
Related to this, I was reviewing Fe’s work and one of her articles on social media got me to thinking.  You see, with the intense work on our projects, I haven’t been interacting on social networks as much as I usually do.  Sure I’ve been posting photos on Instagram during occasional breaks and replying to friends’ Facebook activity that I happen to notice when I go to check on our company pages.  But I haven’t been spending as much time engaging with everyone online as I would like to.

Ironically though, I have been spending a lot of time researching social networks and reviewing media strategy with team members.  So I’ve been connected to social media, but not in my own space.   I guess you could say I’ve been spending most of my time at work and not at home, in the virtual sense.

The result of this “online workaholism” is that I’ve noticed a few things.  I’ll share these observations of the course of several blog entries.  Because my first observation is that brevity is necessary online.

Talk to you soon!


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