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We’ve Moved!

For years, we’ve hosted our blog at and we certainly enjoyed our time there. But the time has come to move on…so we’ve moved our main blog to our own hosting account.

The old blog will still be up, but all the updates will now all be at our new blog. If you’ve bookmarked you already have our new address!




Advancing eCommerce for All of Us

Our mission is Business Empowerment and one of most powerful tools is the development of a full range of eCommerce solutions.  With this in mind, we work with any business…from one person, home-based businesses…to large enterprises.

On the high end of the scale, we are about to launch the largest online mall of its kind.   The technologies we are developing for this will truly revolutionize the way people shop.

And on a more personal level, we have observed how many people are selling goods on social media such as Facebook.   As developers, we see how inefficient and risky such a process can be.   So we are creating better ways for ANYONE to sell quickly, easily, and securely on not only Facebook, but all social networks.

Hold on to your shopping carts, because we’re firing up the rockets!!!

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Cybersecurity. It’s Not Just the President’s Concern. It’s Something EVERYONE Online Should Address

Today, President Barack Obama addressed the nation from the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University. Notably, several prominent tech CEOs were not in attendance. And perhaps the Executive Order Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing does raise some personal privacy issues. So understandably, debate has only just begun on this event.

But is this all just political? Statistics certainly support an increase in widespread breaches and vast amounts of personal and financial data from major corporations. A good majority of the American and indeed the world population have already been affected. And that’s just the headlines.

As with all other types of crimes, there are countless incidents that occur each and every day. Many of them are right in your town, your neighborhood…and yes, your home. Of this, our company can attest. We maintain networks and we work with software. And in both areas, we find ourselves appalled at the prevalence of attacks on the computers and systems that we deal with on a daily basis.

It has been a given fact for some time now that Wall Street and the world’s major organizations have all experienced some form of cybersecurity compromise. And that would be quite constantly.

But what about Main Street? All the local businesses and all the households in our country and throughout the world are just as beleaguered.

We truly find the situation outright ludicrous. If every business and every home that you pass by daily were to be the target of burglary, people would be outraged. Even the most impoverished neighborhoods do not have to deal with a constant barrage of criminals trying to break in. Such a scenario plays right out of a post-apocalyptic zombie movie.

Family in Front of HouseAnd yet our online lives are indeed embattled to that outrageous degree. Every business, every home, every one of us. We are all subjected to a literally unending stream of attacks upon our computing devices.

Attacks on the nation’s infrastructure and corporate databases grab headlines. But every minute and every hour of every day, millions worldwide are silent and often unknowing victims. We call them “The Hackers” in an attempt to categorize and make sense of this threat. There are state-sponsored programs out to cripple our military. There are organized criminals literally ganging up to obtain credit cards and other lucrative items. And yes there really are individuals trying to get into your system just because they can.

But they are there. And they go after all of us, without exception. Move over, zombies. You’re virtually nothing compared to the swarm at the gate. Or as we say in the business, gateway.


Musings on the Internet

Over the past several days, our team at Banshee Cloud has been working feverishly on a couple of new products that we’ve developed to further our mission to empower people and businesses using dominating technology.  We could probably spend an entire series of blog posts discussing our mission.  And perhaps we should.  Certainly, the new products deserve their own write up as well. But I will hint that we are working on ways to give independent businesses and their owners the means to take their social media promotional programs to the next level, among other things.
Man Looking at Laptop in Desert
Related to this, I was reviewing Fe’s work and one of her articles on social media got me to thinking.  You see, with the intense work on our projects, I haven’t been interacting on social networks as much as I usually do.  Sure I’ve been posting photos on Instagram during occasional breaks and replying to friends’ Facebook activity that I happen to notice when I go to check on our company pages.  But I haven’t been spending as much time engaging with everyone online as I would like to.

Ironically though, I have been spending a lot of time researching social networks and reviewing media strategy with team members.  So I’ve been connected to social media, but not in my own space.   I guess you could say I’ve been spending most of my time at work and not at home, in the virtual sense.

The result of this “online workaholism” is that I’ve noticed a few things.  I’ll share these observations of the course of several blog entries.  Because my first observation is that brevity is necessary online.

Talk to you soon!


Securing Your IOS Device with Multifactor Authentication

“Our task now is not to fix the blame for the past but to fix the course for the future” an Anonymous Author said. Apple released a statement that celebrity accounts were specifically targeted and they recommended that iCloud users implement Multifactor Authentication. Looking into the scenario, we are sure that celebrities value their privacy including their web accounts thus some innovations have to be done to address the issue rather than to put the blame on the manufacturers of their existing devices.

Why wait for another incident where your privacy is encroached:  Protect your privacy . . . set up MFA on your IOS device. Do It Now Before it’s too Late!

Learn more here:

Would you like us to cover other devices or other topics?  Tell us here:

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Holding App

Banshee Cloud incorporates security for your safety in our products, such as The Ultimate Food App.

Hi, I’m Fe Genabe, Social Media Specialist

FeHi I’m Fe Genabe and I will be working with the team at Banshee Cloud to help with social media posts for our clients.

My Duties:

  • Assist in making sure Banshee Cloud and client firms have at least one daily post.
  • Help provide our social media followers with useful information on business empowerment.
  • Share the latest tech news of interest to home-based and small businesses.
  • Promote the benefits of cloud computing solutions.

My Background:

I am a retired educator with a vision and passion for nurturing kids in my hometown, Maribojoc, Bohol, Philippines, to become well-adjusted and productive individuals in the community. I believe that these kids can contribute to the change in social and economic status of my town in the next generation thus working with Banshee Cloud LLC is to the advantage of my vision taking into consideration its goal which is relevant to this era of high technology.

Fe and KidsI started achieving this dream as a teacher but as time and promotion found its space in my career, kids were set aside in favor of adult educators however my interest in them rekindled after my significant mission during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which ravaged my town. I helped them cope with trauma by conducting stress debriefings in different evacuation centers and the rest is an interesting story of my life. Invitations to speak to parents, kids, teachers, school principals on developmental topics ranging from Parenting, Team Building, Importance of Technology: Its Disadvantages When Abused and more topics. Hoping that with this involvement I can contribute a bit to a sustainable progress in my beloved Maribojoc.

Happy Birthday to Our Tumblr Blog

Our blog on Tumblr just turned 1 today.  What’s cool is that they sent us a birthday card!  How nice of them!

Check it out:

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