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We’ve Moved!

For years, we’ve hosted our blog at and we certainly enjoyed our time there. But the time has come to move on…so we’ve moved our main blog to our own hosting account.

The old blog will still be up, but all the updates will now all be at our new blog. If you’ve bookmarked you already have our new address!




It’s Earth Day and We’re Announcing Our Sustainable Computing Initiative!

April 22, 2015 is Earth Day and we at Banshee Cloud want to congratulate EVERY ONE OF OUR CLIENTS for saving money AND saving the Earth! How? By simply using our computing solutions and online marketing. We call it Sustainable Computing.

Sustainable Computing Saves You Money. A Lot of Money.

It’s no big surprise that many of you are saving often times substantial amounts of money. Because of our obsession with delivering value to small businesses worldwide, some of our clients are saving up to 89% in IT services costs and yet enjoying higher quality service and greater satisfaction, plus more security.

Green is Efficient. Green Saves Money. We Make You Green.

It pays to innovate and it also saves to be GREEN.   Our clients can claim the benefits of Sustainable Computing due to several factors. First and foremost is our commitment to using the most powerful cloud computing vendors in the world. The following video highlights how just one of our vendors (you may have heard of them) saves you money through efficiency AND allows you to use sustainable energy sources…no matter how small your business!

Rebuilding with Sustainable Industry

Many of you know about our disaster relief efforts. Here’s my interview with our Bakersfield NBC affiliate:

Rene Earthquake Relief Poster

But not many of you are aware of our work to rebuild the impacted economy through the creation of a sustainable IT services industry. We’re working closely with local government and institutions of higher learning to create a workforce specially trained to move beyond traditional computing technology. We’re also working to get other businesses and individuals started in greener industries.

Help Us Save the Reefs

The oceans sustain life worldwide.   A coral reef is a key part of the oceanic ecosystem. And reefs are very fragile. We have already seen uncontrolled growth turn pristine white beaches into dying brown coastline.

Here’s just one of the coral reefs that could be impacted if local industry does not aim for sustainability.

And It Helps YOUR Economy

Wall Street may declare economic downturns. But it is a known fact that small businesses drive recovery. Nearly all of our clients have less than 10 employees.   Without our services, some could not afford to maintain their local workforces at current levels.

It is no secret that American businesses are already importing IT services in an effort to save money.   $100 billion dollars goes to South Asia alone. What many don’t realize is that many of these companies outsourcing their computing needs are small businesses. And many of these businesses end up losing money and business on outsourced work because of factors such as communications problems and lack of quality control.

Banshee Cloud is 100% American owned, with all of our current US team being native Californians. English is not a second language for us. And our core overseas team is not only fluent in English…they understand American culture too. Because all of us have roots in what was once American territory. Many of our ancestors fought for freedom as part of American forces. And we will never forget the passion they felt for this country and we honor them by working to empower your business.

You ARE GREEN. And you should be proud.

As of today, we are launching our Sustainable Computing Initiative. As a Banshee Cloud client, you can tell your customers about how you:

  1. Save money
  2. Empower your business
  3. Use Sustainable Computing to protect the environment
  4. Support the development of a sustainable industry

Feel free to focus on one or all of these benefits to your business as you see fit.

We will be providing you with marketing materials, plus work with you to promote your Sustainable Computing on your website. Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow our Blog or Like us on Facebook to see how we will work with you!

Advancing eCommerce for All of Us

Our mission is Business Empowerment and one of most powerful tools is the development of a full range of eCommerce solutions.  With this in mind, we work with any business…from one person, home-based businesses…to large enterprises.

On the high end of the scale, we are about to launch the largest online mall of its kind.   The technologies we are developing for this will truly revolutionize the way people shop.

And on a more personal level, we have observed how many people are selling goods on social media such as Facebook.   As developers, we see how inefficient and risky such a process can be.   So we are creating better ways for ANYONE to sell quickly, easily, and securely on not only Facebook, but all social networks.

Hold on to your shopping carts, because we’re firing up the rockets!!!

Subscribe to our blog, Like Us on Facebook, or visit and watch us take shopping online to a whole new level!



Skype for Business Replaces Lync


In case you haven’t heard, starting April 14, 2015, Microsoft Lync will become Skype for Business!

Coming Soon…A Revolutionary New Way To Decorate Your Home!


Want to get details and Early Bird Specials?  Join our Decorate Your Home Mailing List!

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The Official Banshee Cloud Business Empowerment Newsletter, Issue Number Zero One

We’ve launched the inaugural issue of our newsletter!  On a regular basis, we’ll be sending out updates and useful business empowerment tips!

You can view this issue and subscribe here:


Top Online Security Threats

We’re fed up. We see so many people lose valuable time and money to breaches in computer security. People get their Facebook accounts broken into. Email gets spoofed. Passwords get stolen. At Banshee Cloud, wwhy-charactere’ve had to clean up servers and rebuild computers because people clicked on links and videos. Or because people were using passwords that were easy to guess.

So we developed a way to bring enterprise-grade computer protection to everyone…not just businesses. But even beyond that, we want to share what we’ve learned from our research and experience protecting computers. So we’ll be posting some of the threats we have seen over social media.

Over time, you’ll be able to check on the entire list by going to our blog and clicking on the category, Computing Security. You can always find a shortcut here:

Find out more about our data protection tools at



GET OVER THE TECHNOLOGY! YOU are more important!


This sounds odd coming from a tech company, but we think the latest computing tools should be used to move beyond whether this technology is better or that technology is cool. We use tech to bring the focus back to YOU. How you work. What you want to do. Who you are.

“YOU are More Important!


Introducing banSHIELD: data protection. malware elimination.

banSHIELD-Facebook-Wall-PhotoWe have been dealing with quite a few malware infections on a wide range of networks and home office computers. And we’ve realized that the situation must be far worse on consumer devices. So in the spirit of our obsession with empowering people, we’ve created an entire suite of security products that apply enterprise-grade malware protection and at consumer-friendly prices. Much as we’ve done with our nABLE custom cloud solutions, we’ve gathered the most effective tools available and combined them with our own unique approach and proprietary systems.

It is with great pleasure and a desire to help as many computer users as possible that we now proudly introduce…banSHIELD. The product line is broken down into two families: banSHIELD Guard focuses on protecting your computer and your data. Coupled with some of the best and proven security products available, we have added the very same backup and data storage strategies that we use to protect networks. While we work to keep your data safe, we can also restore your machine in as little as 15 minutes!

banSHIELD Clean is for those dreaded situations when your computer does get infected. Because computer security is just like home security…no matter how sophisticated the locks and alarms, nothing is impenetrable. And just like with homes, there are lots of times when gates have been left wide open. So we have applied our experience in cleaning up business systems to come up with ways to clean up your devices.

So we genuinely recommend you try our banSHIELD Guard products. And call on banSHIELD Clean when you need help. Because there literally are hordes of hackers out there looking to get into your precious stuff. Stay safe, stay secure, stay clean!

Announcing: Support Team Live Chat!

We’ve got a bunch of great news coming up and the first thing is that we’ve set up a Support Team Live Chat system at !   Now in addition to filling out the support request form there, emailing support, and of course calling us, you can chat with us live to get help at any time.

The Live Chat is also available on many of our product websites, so you can also conveniently reach out to us if you have any product questions.

You’ll find these guys in the image below at the bottom of each of these web pages, on both desktop and mobile.  And if you don’t see them, we are also in the process of adding text and banner links to standalone chat pages.  In fact, if you click on the image, you’ll be taken to a chat page.

We look forward to being able to better assist and empower you!


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