Banshee Cloud LLC is a company dedicated to giving everyone everywhere access to what we call the Personal Cloud.  Whatever data you have: documents, pictures, music, or movies…we work tirelessly to provide you with the tools to store, access, edit, and share it!

How do we do this?  With the modern miracle of Cloud Computing.  Which basically means we store it online.  Where it’s safe and secure and accessible from anywhere.  And where it costs less to you.

We and everyone we work with constantly strive to improve the level of reliability and security.  We make sure it’s stable and backed up.  We insure that you use the best software to access it.  And we see to it that you can work with your data on whatever device you choose.  Desktop or laptop. Office or mobile.  Tablet or phone.  Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android. We believe you have the right to choose what you want to work with.   From wherever you are.  At any time you want.

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